Napkin portrait by Taraneh Moayed-Salem


Art by Taraneh Moayed-Salem


Indelible Images – Want to get shot with love?

Here is a message from our dear friends at Indelible Images!
Not only are they AMAZING and talented Photojournalists, the are also incredibly kind and spirited human beings!
Want to get shot with love? Then Indelible Images is your photographer!
(Servicing the San Francisco Bay Area)


We are so excited to share with you the incredible transformations that are occurring in our hearts, minds and spirits. With some really big clues from The Universe, we are expanding into a more encompassing business model, which aligns with our value of providing a fun, engaging, genuine and unique experience for those we photograph. We are revamping our website to offer more ways to commemorate your life events, to showcase our pro-bono and photojournalism ventures and present new and intriguing portfolios. We would also like to send you an e-newsletter every once in a while, which will connect our community, offer you treats and provide some useful tips on how to live an abundant, meaningful life. We look forward to participating in and capturing your everyday, indelible moments!
Limor Inbar

Once, when I was really having a challenging time, I asked my rabbi what I should do to alleviate my miserable state(really!)¬†He looked at me, stroked his beard and finally said “Go for the Joy.” I try to remember that mantra in my daily approach. As the holidays approach, I know that in the process of bringing good cheer and tidings, I may encounter some very grumpy, stressed-out folks. I make a vow to find the joy no matter how small and to try and be of service wherever possible. This attitude helps me focus my attention on others and feels good when I witness unexpected acts of kindness paying it forward.
Go for the gold, seize Joy!

I found that talking daily to a friend and telling her¬†three things that went well,¬†three things that I did well, one thing I’d like to work on in the next 24 hours, and one thing that made me laugh, helps me feel connected, feeds my hopefulness and starves my resentments. Go find a Gratitude Buddy right now and notice how your life morphs!¬†Just be prepared to hang on to your wings!
Save $100-$250
For the month of December, you can get a full family photo session for $400 (Regularly $500). If you and a friend book two sessions together, you pay a total of $750 (That’s $250 savings!). Y’all get to have all the high res images on Cds too!

Offer Expires: 12/31/11