The Slight Edge


I love bumping into good stuff. Don’t we all? I particularly love it when it is timely, and appropriate. As if I needed further proof that the Universe is always listening, always attentive, always in tune with my thoughts, my desires, my needs…

About three weeks ago, I was at my weekly networking meeting when our Chapter’s director suggested -in passing- a book by the name of “The Slight Edge”. Being that his suggestions are usually geared toward networking and the sort, and because I have been up to my knees and read (as of late) way too many books on networking, I made a quick note about the book and set it aside, with the intention of purchasing, and reading it after I read material on other subjects. I didn’t want to forget about it, so I scribbled the title on a piece of paper and taped it to my monitor at work. This system -the note taped to the monitor- has worked well for me thus far. The note is not removed until the book is purchased, the errand is ran, the phone call is made, etc. Since clutter bothers me, seeing the note in front of me prompts me to do whatever the note says as soon as I possibly can so I can remove it permanently. When a note is removed, I never think about it again. The absence of notes taped to my monitor, means I have one less thing to think (because I have made the conscious decision to ‘think’, I don’t ‘worry’) about.

Last Friday around noon, I heard a happy shriek coming from the front office. Fortunately, I work with wonderful people that find pleasure in the little things and make the whole workday experience quite pleasurable. This time, the yelps were in response to the daily UPS delivery. Soon after, my seester from another meester (AKA one of my closest friends) and -thank my lucky stars- my coworker; barged into my office carrying two books in hand:

“Mona! Your birthday gifts just arrived! I wanted to get you something that you really wanted, so I took the note from your monitor and here are your books!”

Seriously? My smile could not be bigger or brighter! Here she comes, bringing me the books that I planned on getting… Ah, the sweetness! Friendship is certainly a boundless treasure!

And that is how I came about my copy of “The Slight Edge”, by Jeff Olson.

I am not the ‘cynical’ kind, but, quite honestly, my immediate thoughts were: “Yup, here’s another self-help book…” But, curious as I am (and that, is a good thing!), and facing a 4-hour road trip, I dove into its pages… What a pleasant surprise! No, pleasant is not the right word. It is and it isn’t. It was pleasant, refreshing, honest… actually useful! And I found it useful within the first 20 pages. Jeff Olson’s words are honest, humble, and packed with kind wisdom. I found myself immersed in the content; continuously making mental notes, padding my own back while recognizing the principles that I’ve intuitively followed most of my adult life, and committing myself to small, but permanent disciplines that will transform my already fulfilled life.

I do not strive for fame, or luxury. I know and believe that happiness is the Art of appreciating every moment, whether it be joyful or sad. I do, however, welcome any and all knowledge that will allow me to share this concept with you.

Please, do yourself (and the world) a great big favor, and grab a copy of this book right now!

It might just transform your life for the better 🙂


As always, I want to clarify that I am in no way associated with Jeff Olson or “The Slight Edge”, or any other book or product that I might recommend in these pages. I am merely boasting about a lovely find that really has come through for me.


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