Rose Petal Witch Hazel


I bumped into this product about 6 months ago at Alameda Natural Grocery, and immediately fell in love with everything about it: it smells like roses (duh!), it is so mild and gentle, yet leaves my skin clean and visibly toned and moisturized. Contains no alcohol or yucky parabens.  It can be used by any and all skin types; and it costs anywhere from $9 to $12! Yay for cheap pampering!

Before I continue, I should clarify that I am in no way associated with the makers of this, or any other product that I might recommend in these pages. I am merely boasting about a lovely find that really has come through for me.

This is what can be read on the back of the label:

“Over 120 years ago, Rose Thayer, niece of Henry Thayer M.D., developed an all natural recipe for extra-soft, youthful-looking skin. As she aged, many would comment on how she always looked 10 years younger than she was. Now, for the first time, her secret formula of Rose Petal water blended with Witch Hazel extract, aloe Vera and Vitamin E, is being made available. Hydrates dry skin, moisturizes delicate skin. Roses secret to looking 10 years younger… Naturally.”

People’s skin care rituals vary greatly depending on many factors: age, skin type, lifestyle, environment, etc. Mine is simple, yet highly effective:

1. Cleanse: I use an organic, soap-free cleanser every evening, to remove makeup and impurities; you can find them online or at natural foods markets, such as Whole Foods Market.

2. Tone: I tone my face with Thayers Rose Witch Hazel every day as soon as I wake up, and after cleansing in the evening. Thayers has several different witch hazels, each crafted for a different skin type, do a little research, and find your ONE!

3. Moisturize: While each step is as important as the last, I consider moisturizing the true difference between well-cared for skin, and bleh-skin. I prefer an organic, rich and creamy moisturizer that is not heavy and does not clog my pores, and I moisturize every day, right after toning.

That’s it. I said it was simple, and I wasn’t kidding. I am 39 years old and this is what my skin looks like:

Each skin type is different, and I encourage you to learn about your skin type before deciding on a skin care ritual and making any purchases.

It is so easy to get caught in all the ‘blemish-free’, ‘wrinkle-free’, ‘renewed skin’ promises from the bevvy of ‘skin care’ manufacturers and ‘professionals’ throughout the world. The fact is, they just want to sell their products, and sad as it is, and without getting in too deep, many of these products are made with ingredients that you wouldn’t want anywhere near you, much less, on your skin. Oh! And don’t let me get started with animal testing or fair practices… We’ll get to that at some point, but not today.

What I will say is: read your labels! If you don’t know an ingredient, write it down before you purchase the item. Google it! Get informed! Find out what it is and what it does!

Keep it simple! The simpler, the better!

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out! I am not a “know-it-all”, but I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

All the love in the Universe,

Ange, and the Healthy and Happy Today Team!


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