Who’s your momma?

“If momma is not happy, let’s face it: nobody is happy!”

Doggie Bear, the big 'momma' 'round here!

Who the eff is “momma”?
That word alone is subject to interpretation…
In a very mundane context, “momma” is the word that describes ‘mother’, a ‘motherly figure’, or an ‘authoritative being’. The latter, is a much broader term, and it encompasses, but is not limited to: gramma, gf, bff, bf, dad, pops, boss, jefe, chief… You surely catch my drift, and if you don’t, well, we now have something to converse about.
Who’s your momma?
Before you go about trying to make your ‘momma’ happy, ask yourself: “Who is your momma?”
Is it possible, that you have been trying to make others happy before you? Is it possible that you have been trying to make ‘momma’ happy just so you can be happy yourself?
Have you ever considered the fact that if don’t work on yourself first and foremost, you will never be able to truly be happy?
Ahhh… Food for thought!
Over the next few weeks, we are going to expose, analyze, and discuss the elements of happiness.
Why?  Why not? Because I said so! (That’s what yo’ momma said, and she is -almost- always right!)
These are the subjects to look forward to:
Emotional Health:
– PURGE (Unhealthy habits, habits of thought, dalliances, etc.)
– Love YOU!
– Love the one(s) you live with
– Love what you do
– Love your surroundings

SO much MORE to come…

REMEMBER: This is a community effort, your voice is welcome and expected: it better be loud and clear!
SHARE your thoughts, you are among friends!
All the Love in the Universe,
~Ange, Casiopea Nin

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